About Accomplice

Encouraging and enhancing the world’s creativity through AI

Hi, I’m Adam Howell, the founder of Accomplice.

A little over 5 years ago I started dreaming about an app that would replace stock photos and graphics with AI.

I reached out to a few AI developers and founders and asked if it was possible to train AI how to create more of a certain type of image for design and development. “Not yet” they all said, “but soon.”

I checked back in on the state of AI every year until, finally, summer of 2021 the answer was no longer “not yet”, it was “now!”

So I launched Accomplice in September of 2021 with the goal to create an AI-powered app that would be ready whenever you needed an image for a project. Any style. Any subject. Anything you can think of.


Accomplice logo

Accomplice exists to help every team and individual find an AI-powered image workflow that works for them.

In the very near future almost everything we create will be aided by Artificial Intelligence.

Like the transition from steam to the internal combustion engine. Flame to electricity. Analog to digital. It’s already changing the way we live and work.

One of our greatest strengths will be learning how to work alongside AI – edit the signal from the noise – while still finding a way to bring our tastes and point of view into everything we create.

Since 2021, Accomplice has helped make the training, creation, and editing of AI-powered images easier and more accessible than ever before.


Accomplice + Tinyseed + Splash Capital

Accomplice + Tinyseed + Splash Capital

Accomplice is backed by both Tinyseed – as part of its Spring 2022 batch of startups and bootstrapped SaaS businesses – and Splash Capital.

Both the Tinyseed and Splash Capital teams immediately “got” Accomplice and have been huge, helpful supporters every step of the way. I couldn't be more proud or excited for Accomplice to have partnered with both of them.