About Accomplice

Encouraging and enhancing the world’s creativity through AI

Me, 30 years ago, creating my own illustrations by tracing over my favorite He-Man coloring book

Hey, I’m Adam Howell, the founder, engineer, designer, and customer support of Accomplice 👋.

I’ve made a career out of designing and developing creative, collaborative software – and I’ve dreamed for years of building a software business that would allow anyone to create with the help of Artificial Intelligence. I’ve started and stopped so many times – but the technology was just not quite there yet.

But in January of 2021 that all changed with the release of OpenAI’s CLIP – a model trained to determine which caption from a set of captions best fits with a given image – and the AI community’s absolutely amazing open source work on BigGan and VQGAN.

Built on the shoulders of giants

dark fantasy giants walking through the small mountains big brush strokes by @adam

Before Accomplice, the ability to create with AI was locked inside Python notebooks and confusing developer tools like Google Colab.

But, while Accomplice succeeded at making AI design collaborative and accessible for the average user, it absolutely would not exist if not for the amazing work of the following open source developers:

  • Patrick Esser, Robin Rombach, and Björn Ommer – Their work in 2020 at Heidelberg University on “Taming Transformers for High-Resolution Image Synthesis” was the first proposal of VQGAN. Their breakthrough was combining convolutional neural networks (traditionally used for images) with Transformers (traditionally used for language) to create a new type of neural network architecture that was great at high-resolution images.
  • Ryan Murdoch (@advadnoun) – Ryan started experimenting with CLIP very early on, and combined BigGAN + CLIP to create Big Sleep.
  • Katherine Crowson (@rivershavewings) – Katherine took inspiration from Ryan’s work, and combined VQGAN + CLIP.
  • Tom White (@dribnet) - Tom took Ryan and Katherine’s work and made it easily accessible with his Clipit repository.

Anyone can create

Thank you so much for supporting Accomplice and independent creative software. Every dollar goes towards a small, scrappy, bootstrapped business 🙏🏼.

Me, today, hiking with my wife and 3 little collaborators in all things creative

Accomplice will always be indebted to the people that helped make it possible with their amazing open source contributions. And I will always do everything I can to pay it forward by keeping Accomplice affordable, easy to use, and by giving back to the community whenever possible.