About Accomplice

Encouraging and enhancing the world’s creativity through AI

The future of stock photography, illustration, and graphic design will be powered by Artificial Intelligence. And the future of artificially intelligent design will be powered by Accomplice.

Accomplice is AI-powered design and illustration software that will create almost anything you can think of. In any style. In just a couple minutes.

Everything you create with Accomplice is 100% unique, 100% royalty-free, and 100% yours to do with as you like.

No hidden fees. No gotchas. You own the rights to every photo-realistic image, graphic design, and illustration that you make with the aid of Accomplice’s state-of-the-art AI.

Meet the team

The Accomplice team

Me hiking with my wife and 3 little collaborators in all things creative

Hey, I’m Adam Howell, the founder, engineer, designer, and customer support of Accomplice 👋

Thank you so much for supporting Accomplice and independent creative software. Every dollar goes towards a small, scrappy, bootstrapped business 🙏🏼.

Backed by Tinyseed

Accomplice + Tinyseed

Accomplice + Tinyseed

Accomplice is backed by Tinyseed as part of its Spring 2022 batch of startups and bootstrapped SaaS businesses.

TinySeed is a year-long, remote accelerator designed for SaaS founders. Their mission is to “fund ambitious SaaS bootstrappers” and that has always spoken to me as a founder. So when the chance came to join Tinyseed as a solo founder, I jumped at it.

The entire Tinyseed team immediately “got” Accomplice, have been huge supporters every step of the way, and have proven themselves to actually be "startup funding for the rest of us". I couldn't be more proud or excited for Accomplice to be a part of it.