Stable Diffusion

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  • Description

    Stable Diffusion is a state-of-the-art text-to-image model that creates stunning AI-powered design and illustration in a fraction of the time of previous models. It is a true breakthrough in speed and quality.

    Stable Diffusion is a diffusion model, which is a type of image generation model that gradually builds a coherent image from a noise vector by gradually modifying it over a number of steps.

    Thanks to a generous compute donation from Stability AI and support from LAION, Stable Diffusion was able to train on 512x512 images from a subset of the LAION-5B database.

    Similar to Google's Imagen, this model uses a frozen CLIP ViT-L/14 text encoder to condition the model on text prompts. With its 860M UNet and 123M text encoder, the model is relatively lightweight and runs on a GPU with at least 10GB VRAM.

  • Batch size

    This style creates 4 images at a time (1 credit per image)

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    Last built about 2 months ago

Stable Diffusion


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"Pink haired warrior women chained up in dungeon" "Girl feminine woman voluptuous female curvaceous supple ample areola Luis Royo 4K
SOOTHING COLORS, ABSTRACT art, very detailed, much detail, 4k, 8K
Danny Devito as a claymation figurine
antique Japanese temple with cherry blossom, glowing flowers, rim light, gloomy atmosphere, hyper detailed, volumetric light
neon skull surrounded by colorful flowers on black background, concept art
Brad Pitt as claymation figurine
A mood glowing portrait of "Tutankhamun" by "android jones", H. R. Giger, M. C. Escher, alex grey & Hieronymus Bosch. Ultra-realistic, Photograph, CGI
the two members of Daft Punk holding hands in the park, illustration
Poster art of beautiful cyborg woman, colorful, pretty face, glowing eyes, hyperdetailed, anime style by Rossdraws, Artgerm and Greg Rutkowski, 4 k, graphic design, adobe illustrator, behance, trending on pixiv
flowers cover background, one dragon, landscape magical and mysterious, lake, very detailed, art nouveau , elaborate, very high definition
A luxury race car in the style of H. P. Lovecraft and H. R. Giger. Ultra-realstic, high quality render, black, cgi. photograph, alien
colorful charlotte north carolina skyline
portrait of an Asian model wearing black latex suit and flying googles, photorealistic and high definition
Beautiful Spectral phoenix, patronus, transparent, caustics, optics, ultra realistic, magic, fantasy, composition, dark

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