Disco Diffusion

A powerful open source CLIP- Guided Diffusion model that can create detailed, realistic images

  • Description

    Flexible in the same way the VQGAN ImageNET and WikiArt models are, the Disco Diffusion model makes amazing images – especially abstract imagery – that uses sometimes deep, and sometimes vibrant, colors and grainy imagery to create masterpieces.

    Original notebook by Katherine Crowson (https://github.com/crowsonkb, https://twitter.com/RiversHaveWings). It uses her fine-tuned 512x512 diffusion model (https://github.com/openai/guided-diffusion), together with CLIP (https://github.com/openai/CLIP) to connect text prompts with images.

    Modified by Daniel Russell (https://github.com/russelldc, https://twitter.com/danielrussruss) for faster generations as well as more robust augmentations.

    Further improvements from Dango233 and nsheppard helped improve the quality of diffusion in general, and especially so for shorter runs like this notebook aims to achieve.

    Vark added code to load in multiple Clip models at once, which all prompts are evaluated against, which may greatly improve accuracy.

  • Batch size

    This style creates 4 images at a time (1 credit per image)

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    Last built 6 months ago

Disco Diffusion


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a two headed monster that creates cash
colorful flower garden in spring
painted desert landscape photorealistic
church and town next to the water surrounded by mountains nighttime by rembrandt
a surreal pack of wolves by greg rutkowski trending on behance
american flag made out of glitch on white background
Before the sun, the beauty of being someone else eternally uncreated for three years.
light and dark cumulonimbus cloud filled sky by rembrandt
Mysterious birds walking backwards through a rainbow in the style of Erte
floating dystopian steampunk city
inside a busy bustling airport
red and black steampunk dystopian world by thomas kinkade
Upside down underworld, unreal engine, supernatural, ufo, light blue and gray
sci fi mechs porsche 911 photography concept art

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