Disco Diffusion

A powerful open source CLIP- Guided Diffusion model that can create detailed, realistic images

  • Description

    Flexible in the same way the VQGAN ImageNET and WikiArt models are, the Disco Diffusion model makes amazing images – especially abstract imagery – that uses sometimes deep, and sometimes vibrant, colors and grainy imagery to create masterpieces.

    Original notebook by Katherine Crowson (https://github.com/crowsonkb, https://twitter.com/RiversHaveWings). It uses her fine-tuned 512x512 diffusion model (https://github.com/openai/guided-diffusion), together with CLIP (https://github.com/openai/CLIP) to connect text prompts with images.

    Modified by Daniel Russell (https://github.com/russelldc, https://twitter.com/danielrussruss) for faster generations as well as more robust augmentations.

    Further improvements from Dango233 and nsheppard helped improve the quality of diffusion in general, and especially so for shorter runs like this notebook aims to achieve.

    Vark added code to load in multiple Clip models at once, which all prompts are evaluated against, which may greatly improve accuracy.

  • Batch size

    This model creates 1 image per credit

  • Created by

    Last built about 2 months ago

Disco Diffusion


Browse images created using Disco Diffusion

girl studying in a cozy cafe by thomas kinkade
beautiful sunny day in the mountains with clouds overhead by thomas kinkade
colorful bubble gum candy 3d scene 4k artstation
charlotte north carolina city skyline at night covered in white lights
rain falling in the alleyway of a dystopian city at night lit by neon lights
Time Travel Disco Diffusion
rainbow colored spiral tie dye background
beautiful spring flowers in a bursting garden photorealistic
city on fire at night
sun drenched desert with a lone road
earth in space surrounded by leaves, planets and stars
colorful watercolor background
doctor strange floating in the air surrounded by purple and yellow lightning and stars
Speedpainting Jeff Bezos riding a rocket into space
beautiful mother’s day bouquet of red roses

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