Pulp Scifi Diffusion

Unconditional diffusion model trained on 2,000+ pulp science fiction images by Kali Yuga

  • Description

    Pulp Sci-Fi Diffusion is a custom-trained unconditional diffusion model trained on an original (small) dataset of 2,000+ pulp science fiction art landscapes and portraits.

    "Pulp sci-fi" refers to the iconic style of mid-20th century science fiction artwork, which is characterized by its use of bold colors, simple shapes, and often surrealistic compositions.

  • Batch size

    This model creates 1 image per credit

Pulp Scifi Diffusion


Browse images created using Pulp Scifi Diffusion

rocket taking off surrounded by fire and smoke #pulpscifi
space ships in a fiery battle above planets with stars in the background #pulpscifi
alien spaceship that looks like a big flower
rocket taking off on the surface of mars #pulpscifi
astronaut on an alient world, pulp sci fi
alien spaceship landing in the barren desert, photorealistic

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