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Welcome to the new and improved Accomplice Community!

General • Asked about 1 month ago by Adam Howell

Adam H. Dec 07, 2021

Ugh what a day! 😓

Amazon AWS – which powers most of Accomplice – went down this morning around 9:30am EST and stayed down most of the day, resulting in by far Accomplice’s longest outage of its young life.

But as of now, around 6pm EST, everything on Amazon’s side looks to finally be mostly back to normal – and you can be sure that I am already working on improving Accomplice’s backend infrastructure so this can't happen again!

So, with that behind us, I wanted to go ahead and launch this exciting new part of the Accomplice Community: Discussions!

Since launching Accomplice, I’ve wanted a way for Accomplice creators to share in more ways than just with the images they create.

Community Discussions will be a place where we can all share tips and tricks, latest obsessions, new ideas, feature requests, and more.

Just like Accomplice itself, this area will evolve and grow over time, but I wanted to go ahead and start simple.

So thanks for hanging in there with me today and welcome to the new and improved Community!

Liz D. Dec 08, 2021

Thanks for the updates Adam! You're awesome!