Updates: 7 new diffusion models, bulk edit, folders, live thumbnails, free plan, and more

New models for everyone, new power user features for longtime Accomplicers, and a new Free plan.

woman floating in a swimming pool #pixelart

Hope your Summer’s been good and you’re surviving the heat! The small but mighty Accomplice team has been hard at work and there's something new just about everywhere you look: new models for everyone, new power user features for longtime Accomplicers, and a new Free plan for brand new users.

7 new diffusion models

Diffusion models are getting bigger and better, at a faster pace than ever before. DALL-E 2, Midjourney, Disco Diffusion. And there are now 7 new diffusion models available to everyone on Accomplice.

Portrait Diffusion

Amazing, dynamic portraits that weren’t possible on Accomplice until now. Takes style and artists modifiers.

Pixel Art Diffusion 4K

One of my favorite new models. Gives everything a 16-bit type look and feel. Works great as a CLIP-powered style transfer.

Watercolor Diffusion

Watercolor all the things.

Ukiyo-e Diffusion

“Ukiyo-e” – which translates to “pictures of the floating world” – is a genre of Japanese art I’ve always loved which flourished from the 17th through 19th centuries.

Pulp Scifi Diffusion

Space and rockets have been a weakness in Accomplice’s repertoire. Not anymore. “Pulp Scifi Diffusion” has been trained on nothing but.

Liminal Diffusion

Lots and lots of empty spaces. Great for videogame and 3D CGI work.

4 big new features

Bulk edit


Quickly move, archive, and delete multiple prompts at the same time by hitting “Select” and bulk editing the prompts in your inbox.

Folders for extra organization


You can now group Collections inside Folders for an extra level of organization.

Live thumbnails


Thumbnails in the Inbox now load automatically as the prompt is processing. No need to refresh to see updates.

More fine-tuned controls for diffusion image prompts

“More image” means the output will look more like the init image. Combine “More image” with “Use both the content and the style of this image” and you've got a really versatile CLIP-powered style transfer tool. Use “Less image” if you want more randomness.

2 more additions

Better organized Model Marketplace


Models are now organized by type, as well as tagged and searchable.

10 credits per month Free account

At the beginning of every month users on the new Free plan will get 10 credits automatically deposited into their accounts.

The Free plan has to pay 1 credit to upscale – paid plans still get unlimited upscales – and cannot create their own custom models.