Accomplice updates: Tinyseed investment, the Model Marketplace, new aspect ratios, background tasks, and more

Accomplice product updates for April and May 2022

Welcome to the Accomplice product updates for April and May 2022. As always there's a ton of new stuff to cover, but up first an announcement…

Accomplice + Tinyseed

I’m extremely excited to announce that Accomplice is now backed by Tinyseed as part of its Spring 2022 batch of startups!

Accomplice was founded with the mission of making AI-powered design approachable, easy-to-use, and truly useful day in and day out. And there are no better hands for Accomplice to be in as it reaches these goals than the amazing team at Tinyseed.

You can read more about the announcement here →

The Accomplice Model Marketplace: now everyone can train free and paid public image models

Accomplice introduced drag and drop training of custom image models for Pro and above subscriptions back in February. It's a one-of-a-kind feature that makes it possible for anyone to teach Accomplice’s state-of-the-art AI how to create more of just the kinds of images you want.

Since then users have built dozens of custom AI models and created hundreds of images that they never would have been able to create otherwise.

Models like Pokemon AI, Low Poly AI, Butterflies AI, Waves AI, Colorful Blobs AI, and Avatars AI were all trained using this feature.

Today I'm happy to introduce the next step in custom trained models: the Accomplice Model Marketplace.

Now any user can create a public custom trained image model. And public models can be free or – and this is an exciting one – paid.

Headshots AI has been trained on a diverse set of people. “Beautiful woman with red hair", "Beautiful African American woman", "Beautiful Indian woman", "Man with glasses and beard"

There are already two new paid models: Watercolor Background AI and Headshots AI. They are 10 credits each and are really something. Check out my shared collection for Watercolor here and Headshots here for lots of examples of both in action.

Paid AI image models are a brand new revenue stream for artists and designers that simply wasn't possible until now and I am extremely excited to be introducing them with this release.

And by buying paid models from the Accomplice community, you can support both the future of design AND the designer.

As an example, a super talented friend of mine, Mel Shields, is currently working on a paid model that will be made of her 100% original landscape artwork and, well, just look at the test run above!

I created these amazing panoramic images using just 19 of the eventual 50 illustrations she's going to train the model with. And the 4 images above were all in the first test run! So these weren't cherry picked… they all came out this good.

I cannot wait to have more models like this available for purchase to support amazing designers like Mel and create an entirely new way for creators to be able to embrace the future while also making money off the things they spent their time and energy creating.

All new aspect ratios for custom models

Before, custom models like Watercolor Background AI and Low Poly AI would have had only one size: square.

Well not anymore! There are now 4 all new aspect ratios for shared models:

You can start using the new aspect ratios with the free Low Poly AI model or the paid Watercolor AI model. Or create your own model and during the approval process the new aspect ratios will be turned on if your model can support them.

Finer grained Style Transfer controls

Style transfer is one of Accomplice’s most popular models – allowing for the transfer of the style of one image onto the content of another (I use it all the time!) – and I am happy to introduce the ability to tweak its output using the new "Prompt weight" slider.

Now, when creating a style transfer, you can choose for the transfer to use more of the style image or more of the content image in the final output.

Multiple copies and background tasks

And last but not least, paid subcribers will now see a "Copies" button when creating new prompts.

Personal accounts can create 2 copies at a time, Pro accounts can create 3, Team accounts 5, and Business accounts 10.

The first copy will have the highest priority, meaning it will get created immediately. All other copies will have a lower priority, meaning they will only get created when no other prompts are in the queue of either higher priority or higher recency.

But it's really fun to create a few of the same prompt using something like Disco Diffusion, come back a little later, and get to pick your favorite. Give it a try today!

And more!

  • Even faster processing times – I mentioned last newsletter that more backend upgrades were coming and they have been successfully deployed. Processing times are now lower than ever – oftentimes just 2 minutes for most of the default models – and quality is higher
  • Diffusion VI has been discontinued – Diffusion VI did a lot of cool things but it was oftentimes too slow and wasn't reliably good enough so it has been discontinued
  • Several bug fixes – Bugs are squashed every day but the last few weeks have been especially productive. If you ever run across a bug please don't hesitate to reach out via the Help center!

Thanks as always for your support as Accomplice grows. The rest of 2022 is going to be an amazing year for AI creativity and, as always, Accomplice will be incorporating the best new technology in a way that is approach and useful.

Happy creating! – Adam