🚀 Launch: Image editing and DALL•E 2

You can now edit the images you create and use DALL•E 2 all inside Accomplice

Hey! I’m Accomplice CEO, Adam Howell, and this update was put together by me, is 450 words, and a 1.5-minute read. Let’s get into it…

🧠 1. Big new thing: AI-powered image editor

Accomplice’s new best-in-class AI-powered image editor

Creating anything you can think of using text-to-image is great – but what happens when:

  • something needs to be erased?
  • you need eyes to be blue instead of brown?
  • something needs to be looking left instead of right?
  • the slightly off-center image needs to be centered and part of the background filled in as a result?

You can now do those things and more directly inside Accomplice using its new, amazingly useful AI-powered image editor.

How it works:

  • Find the new "Edit" button that now sits in the top right of every image’s toolbar
  • Flip, resize, rotate, paint, erase, and use the AI Paintbrush to select a part of an image and update it with a new text prompt

Watch a quick 40-second demo of Paintbrush AI

🤖 2. DALLE•2 is now available

DALLE-2 examples

OpenAI’s fantastic DALL•E 2 is now available on Accomplice for all paid subscribers.

If you haven’t tried DALL•E 2 before, it does a great job at stock photos and illustrations, is good with animals and people, and is just overall really responsive to almost anything you ask it to create.

What that means for you:

  • Subscribers can activate DALL•E 2 and immediately start creating high quality images using one of the world’s best AI image generators
  • Free accounts can upgrade to a Personal plan or higher and start using DALL•E 2 right away

View the DALL•E 2 style page

🎨 3. New: Midjourney-based style and more

Midjourney-ish style examples

“Midjourney-ish” is a new style now available on Accomplice that was trained on some of the best Midjourney images and approximates the new Midjourney v4 aesthetic.

In addition to Midjourney-ish there are several other new styles now available:

See all the new styles

Unlimited credits

Check out the updated pricing and features

Thanks for reading and have a great Thanksgiving (if you celebrate) and Black Friday (if you shop)! 🦃 🤑

– Adam