More new styles and you can now use a prompt as a starter image

Accomplice updates for June 2022

More new styles

Background remover and Super resolution

For several years two of my favorite AI-powered image tools have been and The other day – while using both of them for the 100th time – it finally dawned on me that Accomplice already had all the pieces necessary to create models that would replicate them, and that they – more importantly – would be a useful addition to the Accomplice toolbelt.

So, now, the new “utility model” Background Remover will remove the background from any image that you've either created or uploaded.

And Super Resolution will increase the size of any image you've created or uploaded – as long as its under 5000px – by at least 2x. So next time you wish an image you created with Accomplice could get just a little bit bigger? Run it through Super Resolution.

New style transfer model

Anime illustrator

Style Transfer is one of Accomplice’s most popular models and the new Anime Illustrator model is a great new addition to the style transfer model family.

It knows human faces and does a great job accentuating features. But it can also do places, animals, and things and works great as just a generic and versatile illustrated style transfer.

New: Use a prompt as a starter image

Use prompt as a starter image

It's now easier than ever to chain models together by taking something you created using one model and using it as either:

  1. the starter image prompt for ImageNet, WikiArt, or Disco Diffusion, or
  2. the content image for Style Transfer or Anime Illustrator, or
  3. the image input for the new utility models Background Remover and Super Resolution

Now, when you go to add a starter image prompt, you'll see a new "Use a prompt" button below the "Upload an image" button. Selecting that button will take you to a screen full of all your most recent created images. Choose one of those prompts and it will use the main thumbnail image from that prompt as the starting image for whatever model you want to create with.